What The Florida?!!!

Why are you waiting? You are going to miss the escalator! People just want to live and work in Florida.

Now that working remotely is not only possible but possibly more effective. Do you want to live in Podunk? Near no services or good restaurants or your boat or plane or horses or chickens or golf course?

California? No way with the taxes! Florida has no income tax!

Would you like sunshine 330 days a year? Enough water? No fires? No tornadoes?

Did you know this? I am talking to YOU = companies from other states! People who work for you if they live in FL do not pay State Income Tax!

Sure, Florida was populated by retirees buying swampland BUT now there are thousands upon thousands of amenity-filled communities. AND remote working is the way of the day.

SO is a builder rep in a development your real estate agent? Think about it for a minute and you will figure it out. YOU NEED A LOCAL REAL ESTATE AGENT TO HELP YOU BUY A NEW HOME IN ONE OF THESE FABULOUS COMMUNITIES. And you do not pay us a penny - the builder pays us for a smooth transaction.

Commercial real estate activity follows residential 6 months later. Builders check zoning then permits then do a few town and county meetings and start after another 6 months and build more quickly than I have ever seen and I have been around.

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